Jabin Wood It’s Perfectly Natural

Jabin is a very hard wood from the Yucatan Peninsula. Its wood is very appreciated because of is beautiful patterns and strength. It is used for the building of docks, boardwalks, poles, flooring and cattle enclosures, among other uses. Uses Indoor flooring, outdoor furniture. 

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The reaction is pure instinct. To reach out. To touch. To gaze at the warm and rich variations of color. There is a primal reaction to the feel of wood. The texture of the grain or the smoothness of a perfectly sculpted surface. Organic shapes and natural flaws only add to the sensory experience and innate beauty. To perceive a history in its rings, wood reminds us of our connection to nature.

Root Dining Table Wood

Most of it is discovered in remote areas as naturally fallen, well-preserved trees, trunks found in rivers and lakes at the end of their life, or harvested from sustainable plantations and well-managed forests.

Jabin is commonly known as Mian Teak. The color is brownish to tannish. This is extremely hard and durable and has a fuzzy grain.

  • Typical uses:  Jabin is mainly used for boat building, decking and exterior usage. 
  • Source Region: Mexico
  • **Please note: Unless otherwise stated, our turning stock is not kiln dried but in various stages of air drying.


Jabin Lumber Shorts – Mayan Teak Lumber 

  • 4/4 Jabin Lumber Shorts
  • Average lengths are 18-36”
  • Price per board foot please contact us

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