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Product: Jabin Lumber Shorts – Mayan Teak Lumber/Timber

  • 4/4 Jabin Lumber Shorts
  • Random Sizes Available
  • Average lengths are 18-36”
  • Our Price per board foot, please contact us
  • Typical uses:  Jabin is mainly used for boat building, decking and exterior usage. 
  • Source Region: Mexico
  • Allow 4-8 weeks to deliver (depending on availability)

Return Policy

All items are sold as is and all sales are final. We do not offer refunds, credits or exchanges on items. We attached a description and pictures of the items as accurately as possible. 

All items are unique & have their individual markings, color & shape.
If you have any questions about a particular listing, please be sure to contact us prior to purchase.

We pack all of our items very carefully to ensure they arrive safely!


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Jabin Exotic Wood – Ichthyomethia piscipula, is a very hard wood from the Yucatan Peninsula. Its wood is very appreciated because of is beautiful patterns and strength. It is used for the building of docks, boardwalks, poles, flooring and cattle enclosures, among other uses.

Uses: Indoor flooring, outdoor furniture. We guarantee the varnish for 10 years in indoor.

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  • Scientific Name = Ichthyomethia piscipula
    Trade Name = Alejo
    Family Name = Leguminosae
    Synonyms = Piscidia erythrina, Piscidia piscipula, Erythrina piscipula, Ichthyomethia communis
    Common Names = Alejo, Anipak, Arepo, Barbasco, Barbasco amarillo, Barbasco de arbol, Baura, Black dogwood, Bois a enivrer, Chijol, Cocuile, Cocuite, Colorin de peces, Dogwood, Fish poison, Fishfuddletree, Fishpoisontree, Flor de pagallo, Guama candelon, Guama de costa, Guamo hediondo, Haabi, Haabin, Habi, Habim, Habin, Jabin, Jamaica dogwood, Javin, Jebe, May bush, Palo blanco, Palo blanco duro, Palo de zope, Piscidia, Talzungo, Tiaxab, Tuncuy, Ventiera, Ventura, Zatzumbo, Zopilocuavo

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Regions of Distribution = Central America, Latin America

Countries of Distribution = Cuba, Mexico, United States

Numerical Strength Properties and Data:
Bending Strength = psi or kg/cm2

Crushing Strength = psi or kg/cm2
Density = 53 Lbs/Ft3 or 849 kg/m3
Janka Hardness =

Hardness =  lbs. or  kg
Impact Strength =  in or cm
Maximum Crushing Strength = psi or  kg/cm2
Shearing Strength =  psi or kg/cm2
Stiffness = psi or kg/cm2

Toughness = inch-lbs or cm-kg
Specific Gravity = 
Work to Maximum Load = Inch-lbs/in3 or cm-kg/cm3
Weight = 42 Lbs/Ft3 or kg/m3

Radial Shrinkage = %
Tangential Shrinkage = %
Volumetric Shrinkage = %

T/R Ratio:

General Characteristics =

Grain =

Texture =

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Is a very hard wood from the Yucatan Peninsula. Its wood is very appreciated because of is beautiful patterns and strength.


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